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Lee and Nicole Rosen

Lee started producing cheerleading music as a junior in high school while cheerleading as a member of the South Jersey Storm co-ed cheer team out of Williamstown, Nj and previously World Cup all stars in Freehold, Nj in 2004. He then started coaching at Comet All Stars located in East Brunswick, Nj where he opened Cheer Music Factory in 2005. Lee A.K.A. – “Owner” is a recording artist best known for his feature in “Pulse” released in the mainstream music market in Jan. 2018 as well as "Once in a Lifetime" in 2021" He is also the owner of the M2p Records music group. Lee formed Cheer Media Factory in 2018 and formed Custom Merch Factory in 2022. Lee currently resides in Columbia, SC with his wife Nicole who currently runs the CMF office and co owns the company.


Ryan Zeller

Our fellow Texan, Ryan Zeller, joined the promotions team in 2017 and helped form cheer media factory in 2018. Currently Ryan is the GM of CMF Brands. He works closely with the rest of the team to provide teams with customized cheer music, camps, and clinics. Ryan can often be found promoting CMF Brands at cheer competitions, while he also is the Head Coach of Mt Vernon High School. Ryan is noted for his passion for the sport and also the CMF brand. We are very fortunate to have him!


Brie Venuti

Brie Venuti has been the head of the promotions department since 2016 and joined the back of office staff in 2017. Our promotions department is stationed in New Jersey. Brie was born and raised in New Brunswick, NJ . She has received her Masters in Educational Leadership and also obtains a supervisory certificate and principal certificate. With over 20 years of cheerleading experience and 15 years of coaching, Brie is an asset to CMF Brands. She leads our promo team with strong communication skills and creative thinking. Brie also manages our offices , "organizing" CMF.  Brie describes herself as a versatile team player and a hard worker. You can find her work posted all over our social media.


Sanni Margolies

Sanni joined the CMF team in 2021. She is currently working in our merch department. She works closely with the rest of the team to provide teams with music, clothing, media and all Merch from Head to Toe and then some. Sanni has been in the cheer industry first as longtime cheer mom and now the mother of a World Cup coach. Her and her husband truly love the industry and still volunteer at their daughters gym.  In addition she has a son who also works with us not just on the cheer side but with other sports and businesses as well.  Sanni gives the words WE CAN DO THAT true meaning.


Kenny Stoute

Kenny started with CMF in 2010 as a vocalist for Cheer Music Factory. He is now a current designer for Cheer Media Factory as well! Born in Clifton, KS’s recording journey began in 2011 as 5 Star Ratin' his #1 trending song in 3 countries was released along with The J.O.B and former Iconic Boyz Madison Alamia, and Spikey Mikey who were formerly from the group TobeOne who was under Layla Kaliegh (MTV'S Americas Best Dance Crew's Co-host) and Troy Carter (Lady Gaga's manager and CEO of Atom Factory Music). Since then KS has performed at numerous places from Blackthorn 51 to B.B. Kings in Times Square NYC. In 2019 KS dropped his EP "A Million Miles" which hit #130 on the ITunes Pop Album Chart. 2020 brought even more new innovative music to the scene with Body Talk dropping Memorial weekend having great reviews, and going on 4 tours through half of the US. After dropping his latest single First Class on October 31st KS performed at the National Billiards League (NBL) qualifier in Edison, NJ in January 2021 and released a new single Forget About You Forget About Us through Sony Music’s The Orchard. KS's debut album FAYFAU released  August, 11th 2021 through M2P Records distributed by Intercept music group & Ingrooves/Universal Music Group.

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